MTG gives rousing speech in Manhattan: ‘We are the party of PEACE’

by Summer Lane

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., gave rousing remarks in downtown New York on Tuesday morning ahead of President Donald Trump’s arraignment, drawing heated emotions from a crowd of both Trump supporters and protestors.

“We are the party of peace [they’re] the party of violence,” Greene told the crowd through a loudspeaker, calling out Democrats. “They’re the party that enables and funded and cheered for violent riots all through 2020. And they allowed cities to be burned – $2 billion dollars worth of damage. That’s the Democrat Party. But we’re the party of peace.”

Greene delivered her remarks in the midst of a crushing sea of media and onlookers:

Greene continued, “We’re the party that wants to protect the lives of the unborn. We’re the party of male and female – two genders only. We’re the party of secure borders. We’re the party that will bring peace to the world like President Trump did, not World War III like Joe Biden is doing. We’re the party of economic prosperity. We’re the party where every American can live the American dream – and the Democrats are the Communists. Democrats ARE the Communists and they are destroying America, destroying freedom.”

At one point, supporters in the crowd broke out into chants of “USA!”

“Democrats are the ones that have nothing to campaign for, because they are FAILURES, and they’re proving it today,” Greene went on.

She added that “we will not tolerate” the “witch hunt” against President Trump in relation to the unprecedented legal persecution at the behest of the Manhattan district attorney’s office and the grand jury who voted to indict the president last week.

She told RSBN’s Brian Glenn after her speech, “Remember, this is a peaceful protest, we’re using our constitutional rights…but yeah, we were swarmed, unbelievably swarmed.”

President Donald Trump is reportedly scheduled to arrive in court today at 2:15 p.m. ET, where he will appear before New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, as previously reported by RSBN.

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