MTG stands with Trump on border security: ‘We must declare war on the cartels!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Deadly fentanyl has been flowing across the open southern border since Joe Biden settled into the White House in 2021, prompting an outcry from proponents of commonsense border security policies.

On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., joined the chorus of Republicans who decried the horrific drug epidemic poisoning America from within.

On X, she wrote, “300 Americans are dying every single day from Chinese-made, Mexican cartel imported fentanyl flowing across our border. Under President Trump, our borders were secure. President Trump will defeat the cartels just like he defeated ISIS. We must declare war on the cartels!”

She also shared one of the president’s latest campaign ads highlighting the differences between President Trump’s border policies and Biden’s disastrous lack of border policies.

Trump has recently taken a hardline stance against the drug cartels that are bringing deadly substances to America over the southern border. This year, he presented an unflinching Agenda47 aimed at wiping out the deadly cartels.

He explained in a video statement, “Fentanyl, heroin, meth and other lethal drugs are pouring across our wide open border, stealing hundreds of thousands of beautiful American lives.  And it’s happening like never before in our history. Children are being left without parents, families are being ripped apart, communities are being decimated, our neighbors and fellow citizens are having their entire worlds destroyed – destroyed like nobody thought possible.”

He vowed to “WAGE WAR” on the cartels and promised to take them down “just as we took down ISIS and the ISIS Caliphate.”

The president has additionally promised to end the scourge of human and child trafficking – operations that often work in tandem with drug cartels – by asking Congress to pass legislation that would stipulate that convicted human traffickers would receive the death penalty.

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