New York patriots break out singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ as Trump visits Harlem bodega

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

A massive crowd in Harlem broke out in song to support President Trump after he left the second day of court in his Manhattan criminal trial.

The Citizen Free Press shared footage of President Trump giving interviews outside of a Harlem bodega that he visited on Tuesday night. In the background, the crowd sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” displaying their unwavering support.

RSBN reported on the massive supporter turnout. Crowds gathered, cheering, “USA,” “Trump,” and FOUR MORE YEARS” in an area usually dominated by Democrats. 

The historical significance of this wave of support in Democrat-controlled New York City was recognized on social media. 

Political commentary account Bad Ombre noted on X, “I was born, grew up, went to school in Washington Heights. It’s SURREAL to see President Trump campaigning in that neighborhood.”

“No ‘normal’ Republican candidate would EVER think of visiting. It’s the biggest Dominican enclave in North America. We LOVE Trump!”

Video footage of children shouting “I love you, Trump” from a packed crowd was also captured.

While President Trump faces much more time in court, continuing Thursday and Friday and stretching into the coming weeks, the response from supporters proves that he remains “The People’s President.”

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