MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Incredible images of Trump’s historic visit to Harlem show New York is NOT a lost cause

by Grace Saldana

Photo @realdonaldtrump Instagram account

This week, President Donald J. Trump stopped in a neighborhood most Republicans wouldn’t dare go to, and he was duly rewarded with absolute love from MAGA patriots in New York.

Trump visited Harlem on Tuesday night, where he greeted store clerk Jose Alba, who has been victimized by the city’s rising crime under District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s radical left policies. Bragg, who’s prosecuting the hush money case, also accused Alba of second-degree murder for returning fire against the criminals attempting to rob his bodega. His charges were later dropped.

This week, President Trump is being subjected to Bragg’s wrath. For the next several weeks, he will be forced to sit in a courtroom for the “hush money” trial, which is nothing more than an extreme, perverse tactic to hurt his 2024 campaign.

Thankfully, the people of New York see right through the charade. As Trump observed in Harlem, the trial is having the “reverse effect.”

Upon Trump’s arrival at the bodega, he was greeted by a rally-style crowd of supporters who made it clear that they have his back amidst the trial. His campaign released several iconic images showing his warm reception in Harlem.

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