Off the air: Trump attempts to obtain a copy of a police interview about Jan. 6

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

The unfolding of Jan. 6 has taken a new turn. President Donald Trump has formally asked Fox News for a copy of an unaired interview conducted by Tucker Carlson, and the news company is reluctant to do so. 

Fox News has remained unclear on its reasoning for the denial of releasing this unaired video to Trump after the president submitted a subpoena for the interview. The interview, which took place between Tucker Carlson and former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, is wanted for a Trump defense case.

The defense case being built by the Trump legal team is for a civil lawsuit being brought against seven injured police officers who were injured on Jan. 6 defending the Capitol. A federal judge assigned to this case has denied Trump’s denial of liability on grounds of protection by the First Amendment. 

If Fox News does not respond to the subpoena, Trump could obtain the interview by filing a motion that would force the news network to release a copy of the interview to the Trump legal team.

It is worth noting that the interview in question is not the only news piece Tucker Carlson gave related to the events of Jan. 6 while still working at Fox News. 

In one interview Carlson gave as a Fox News anchorman, he reviews footage taken from inside the Capitol that “proves [the events of Jan. 6] was neither an insurrection nor deadly.”

Carlson points out how major news stations called the event a deadly insurrection at the time, saying the phrase is “a lie and that little about the events of Jan. 6 was organized or violent.” Carlson argues the phrase “deadly insurrection” is used as an emotional trigger and why most Americans are so sensitive to the events of Jan. 6.

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