Vivek stands behind President Trump, and other candidates must follow suit 

by Jason Collins

Op-ed by Jason Collins | Photo: Alamy

Vivek Ramaswamy stands behind President Trump in the latest indictment against him, setting an example for other candidates to follow suit. 

President Trump is again facing yet another indictment that many call a witch hunt and politically motivated by the corrupt Department of Justice.

Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential primaries, was at the courthouse this morning. The courthouse where President Trump is to be is arraigned. Ramaswamy was there to demand answers about what these latest prosecutions are about. 

Ramaswamy wrote on X, previously known as Twitter, what he thought about the government’s actions.

He wrote, “I’m here at the courthouse where Trump will be arraigned later today & I’m making a demand to our government: tell us the truth about what’s really driving this flurry of prosecutions, with trial dates set during the height of the upcoming election.” 

A movement of support is growing behind President Trump on social media, called #StandwithTrump, as many Americans are alarmed by this new indictment against President Trump.

Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., called out these recent charges as a sham prosecution. Collins pointed out how little trust the American people have in their government as Biden tries to get his political rival in jail. This threatens the very foundations that America was founded on.   

Ramaswamy also brought up the issue of a lack of trust. He wrote, “The reason the people don’t trust the government is that the government doesn’t trust the people.” The people of America have a right to know what motivated this indictment instead of sweeping it under the carpet as the Biden administration is known for. 

RSBN reported what Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., thought about the timing of the prosecution amidst the presidential elections and the emerging corruption of the Depart of Justice.

He said, “The same DOJ that has done everything to distract from the investigation into corruption by President Biden and his family is yet again trying to persecute President Trump.”

Now is the time for all Republicans to stand together and unite behind President Trump to rid America of a corrupt government. As reported by RSBN, President Trump said, “Either the DEEP STATE destroys America, or WE destroy the DEEP STATE.”

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