Oklahoma becomes the most pro-life state in the nation with bill making abortion a felony

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Adobe Stock

The great state of Oklahoma became a safe haven for the unborn after Gov. Kevin Stitt, R-Okla., signed an abortion ban into law Tuesday.

“As governor, I represent all four million Oklahomans,” Stitt said during the signing ceremony. “And they overwhelmingly support protecting life in the state of Oklahoma. We want Oklahoma to be the most pro-life state in the country. We want to outlaw abortion in the state of Oklahoma.”

Senate Bill 612, which passed through the state legislature at the beginning of April, is one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, prohibiting all abortions except in rare cases where there is a medical emergency.

Moreover, abortionists could be fined up to $100,000 and spend up to 10 years in prison for illegally performing an abortion under the new state law.

“Attorney General John O’Connor and I know this bill will be challenged immediately by liberal activists from the coasts who always seem to want to come in and dictate and mandate and challenge our way of life,” Stitt continued. “The most important thing is to take a stand and protect the unborn and protect life in the state of Oklahoma.”

The state also adopted a resolution recognizing Jan. 22 as the “Day of Tears” to honor the millions of lives lost since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is also expected to sign a life-affirming bill in the upcoming days after the Republican-led House, by a 78-39 vote, passed an abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy in February.

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