Op-ed: Celebrating America First women and ‘Reclaiming Femininity’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Op-ed by Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Photo: Alamy

America First supporters know their rights. They know this country was created by brave men and women for the people as a self-governing system.

They also have a profound faith in their creator, purpose, and themselves. It was that faith that carried this nation’s founders through everything. However, our modern lack of faith has caused us to veer away from supporting the truth universally. Faith in God, our leaders, and ourselves has been eroded. 

This has come to such a head that various leaders in Washington don’t even know what a man or a woman is anymore. The history of womanhood and all that it gave our nation is being forgotten, but traditional women are especially necessary for the future of our nation.

Without mothers, wives, and daughters who are dedicated to the self-governing system, we will fall. It is feminine women in their traditional roles who helped American men fight every battle we have faced.

Even before the founding of this nation, when early Americans were fighting for Independence, it was feminine women who stepped forward with their husbands to say, “No More!” They nursed soldiers and knitted socks. They cared for homes and children under the most uncertain circumstances. And that spirit lives on today.

For that reason, I decided to write about women’s history and the prospect of our future in my new book, “Reclaiming Femininity: Saving Women’s Traditions & Our Future.”

I truly believe that without the feminine touch, the men in our country are struggling, and liberal females are misguided.

Men need women to support them. They cannot stand strong when they are vilified for wanting basic freedoms or standing in traditional male roles.

They need the women in their lives to know what womanhood is and cherish being mothers, supporters, and community organizers.

Modern women have been taught to look down on their traditional roots. But traditional women provided the love and comforts necessary to achieve greatness.

American women have traditionally contributed to our nation in various ways. They were not just sequestered to the role of supporting others. 

Women like Lida and Lizzie Dutton created underground newspapers to keep soldiers informed during the Civil War. Women like Abigail Adams inspired their husbands and guided them during the birth of this nation.

American women kept our country running during WWI and WWII while most able-bodied men were off fighting, and so we have a long, strong history of providing a much-needed balance. 

Without women to balance men and offer that reasonable, softer touch, the United States has come to the brink.

I discuss this at length because this topic isn’t just about the importance of women — although that is a big theme — it is also about preserving our freedoms for our children and the men in our lives by appreciating all of the benefits that come with our free nation.

We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Our country has gone through many ups and downs, yet through it all, our freedoms have remained the core foundation of our culture.

With each new challenge, modern Americans are coming to understand our history with more reverence. We are realizing the ever-pressing need to preserve our heritage and protect our future.

The story of America and its prospects offers a beautiful tale of Thanksgiving, but we must be willing to save our traditions and face the future with honor and courage, just like our founding fathers and mothers.

America First women embody this every day. We are many things. We are feminine and courageous. We are leaders and supporters of the brave men in our lives. 

Most of all, we are faithful to our heritage and beliefs because we know how to appreciate our inherent rights.

It is important to celebrate this as we come together for Thanksgiving.

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