Political forecasts tease favorable winds for Republicans heading into Election Day

by Summer Lane

Photo: Adobe Stock

Political polls and forecasts across the country are showing favorable winds for Republican candidates running for office in 2022, teasing an anticipated “red wave” of victory at the polls in November.

A new report from Real Clear Politics (RCP) predicted that the battle for the House of Representatives will likely net Republicans 220 seats to Democrats’ projected 180, with 35 tossup seats in the mix. 218 seats are needed to hold a majority in the House, and based on further reports, several House races have been trending red nationwide.

RCP additionally analyzed House races and identified at least nine that were shifting toward Republicans, including races in Alaska, California, New York, and Rhode Island. In total, their report identified 18 Democrat seats that are marked as likely or leaning toward the GOP.

Another analysis from RCP found that the GOP is likely to pick up governorships in Kansas, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Nevada. According to their adjusted poll averages, the pickups in several major states look good, with Sheriff Joe Lombardo of Nevada, for example, maintaining a steady +2.7 lead in his gubernatorial race.

As previously reported by RSBN, a recent poll from Monmouth University in September indicated that Republicans are leading Democrats ahead of the midterms by a full ten points. That same poll found that 47 percent of American adults would like to see the GOP in control, while overall support for Democrats dropped to just 44 percent.

Of additional importance is voter registration net differences shared by Interactive Polls on Twitter, revealing that at least seven major states have swelled with GOP voters.

Their data indicated the following:

  • Florida: GOP + 421,494
  • Pennsylvania: GOP + 144,821
  • North Carolina: GOP + 118,074
  • Iowa: GOP + 77,939
  • New Jersey: GOP + 67,959
  • Nevada: GOP + 37,964
  • Arizona: GOP + 16,205

With less than a month to go before Election Day, Republicans seek to maintain most of their current seats and pick up a few more along the way, positioning the GOP to potentially retake control of Congress.

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