POLL: 62% of Americans believe Trump would have deterred Russia from invading Ukraine

by Gary Smith

According to a new poll Friday, Putin would never have launched an attack against Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, if President Donald Trump were still in office.

The Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)-Harris Poll survey showed that 62 percent of Americans believe Russia’s President Vladimir Putin would not have launched an invasion against Ukraine if 45 were still in office.

Among the 62 percent, 85 percent were Republicans, and 38 percent were Democrats.

The poll was conducted as the war in Ukraine began between Feb. 23 and 24. It surveyed 2,026 registered voters and was weighted to reflect known demographics.

In addition, the poll found that a lesser 38 percent indicated the invasion, which has shaken the world, would have still taken place had President Trump still controlled the White House.

The poll also showed that 59 percent of the respondents believe Putin invaded Ukraine because he sensed weakness in sleepy Joe Biden. In comparison, 41 percent said that was not a factor in Putin’s ultimate decision.

This poll was conducted after Biden’s approval ratings reached an all-time low, especially after the horrendous disaster in Afghanistan and the chaos of the vaccine mandates.

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