Poll indicates a surprising ticket could defeat Biden in a landslide

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

The GOP’s two biggest leading rivals are in for a surprise after polling found that their union on a presidential ticket could result in them carrying the popular vote by the largest margin since Bill Clinton in 1996.

If President Trump were to select Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his vice presidential running mate, the ticket would carry the popular vote by nearly double digits over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, according to polling.

A Rasmussen Reports poll found that the hypothetical duo led the incumbent Democrats in the presidential race by eight points (51 percent to 43 percent).

The poll also found that a unifying ticket between Trump and DeSantis would bring five percent more independent voters and increases of two and four percent among every age group and ethnicity.

Additionally, a ticket with Trump and Kari Lake, the former Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee, defeated Biden and Harris at 47 percent to 42 percent, according to Rasmussen Reports.

We the People Convention President Tom Zawistowski said that a Trump-DeSantis ticket would bode well for Republicans who are hoping to unseat Biden in 2024.

“We can’t win if either Trump or DeSantis is up on Biden by five percent or six percent and if we are not over 50 percent,” Zawistowski said.

“Across the poll, we see a six percent jump from people who would vote for ‘other’ who move to Trump-DeSantis. That’s a big deal. Plus, a Trump-DeSantis Unity Ticket does well in the swing states,” he added.

Should they choose to join forces, a Trump-DeSantis ticket could result in a landslide victory against Joe Biden, as each of them is wildly popular among their core bases.

Trump and DeSantis have recently thrown jabs at one another as the campaign trail heats up. DeSantis has not yet announced an official presidential bid.

Trump, however, has consistently led DeSantis by massive margins in recent polling. An Ipsos/Reuters poll from last month found that Trump led DeSantis by nearly 40 points (58 percent to 21 percent) for the nomination.

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