POLL: Over half of American voters will likely vote for Trump, including many Democrats

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports has shown that more than half of American voters will likely vote for President Trump, and this includes Democrats.  

The national telephone and online survey from Rasmussen Reports had comprised of 1,032 likely voters surveyed from Oct. 2-4. The results showed that President Trump won the survey with an impressive 53 percent. Participants were asked the question, “How likely are you to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election?”

Newsmax shared a breakdown of the results, with 80 percent of Republicans supporting President Trump, and what’s more impressive is, according to the poll, 30 percent of Democrats would also vote for President Trump. 

In addition to being asked if voters would support President Trump, 521 participants were also questioned if the person whom President Trump chose as his vice president running mate would affect their decision on who to vote for.  

The question was posed as, “Which would make you more likely to vote for Trump in 2024: If he chose a woman as his vice presidential running mate, if he chose a black person as his vice presidential running mate or if he chose a non-politician as his running mate? Or would the choice of a vice-presidential candidate not make much difference in whether you vote for Trump?”  

In response to that question, 57 percent of them said that they would still vote for President Trump regardless of who he picked as his vice presidential running mate. This poll is just one of many that show a growth in President Trump’s support.

A national poll released by InteractivePolls conducted in the first week of October shows that President Trump (45 percent) is beating Joe Biden (41 percent) by 4 points. This comes after President Trump slammed Biden’s absent leadership during the current crisis in Israel

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