President Trump congratulates Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro on advancing to the runoff election

2B572DN West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. 7th Mar, 2020. President Donald Trump with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Saturday night, March 7, 2020. Trump's populist counterpart in Brazil was elected in 2018 vowing to ?Make Brazil great again. Credit: Allen Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

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President Donald Trump extended congratulations to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on “outperforming” election polling from the media and pollsters around the world.

“Congratulations to the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro on greatly ‘outperforming’ inaccurate early Fake News Media polls & getting into a two person runoff, to take place October 30th, with a Radical Left Challenger,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

According to the Associated Press, Bolsonaro “considerably” outperformed in the Brazilian presidential election, and he will now face a runoff election against former left-wing President Luis Inacio Lula de Silva at the end of the month.

Trump continued, “Now that other Conservatives are out of the race, President Bolsonaro is in a very strong position to win BIG. More importantly, he will be victorious because the wonderful people of Brazil appreciate the great job he has done, and is doing. Tremendous Voter Surge over last 24 hours!”

In early September, Trump reiterated his endorsement of the conservative Brazilian president, referring to him as “Tropical Trump.” Trump added, “When I was President of the U.S., there was no other country leader who called me more than Jair seeking Tariff & Tax cuts, Trade Renegotiations, Strengthened Drug & Border Policies (to put the ‘bad guys’ in jail!), Military Help, & more.”

Bolsonaro has been known for his strong stances against tyrannical policies in Brazil. Last October, he took a swing at the concept of vaccine passports and population control. “If you are accepting this vaccination passport,” he stated in a warning against Covid passes, “another requirement will come soon.”

According to the Insider Paper, Bolsonaro garnered 50 percent of the vote on election day, far exceeding the expectations of mainstream media reports and pollsters. Bolsonaro has additionally managed to garner the support of millions of Brazilians who have rallied in support of his presidency and reelection in the streets of his country.

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