President Trump speaks TRUTH about the New York ‘hush money’ case

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

President Trump posted a fiery preemptive message late Sunday night, just hours before the continuation of his “hush money” trial.

He blasted the unprecedented nature of the charges against him, writing, “Virtually every Legal Scholar and Expert says that there is NO CASE, NO CRIME, NO NOTHING! IT IS A SHAM THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BROUGHT, EXCEPT TO TRY AND DAMAGE BIDEN’S POLITICAL OPPONENT, ME.”

In typical Trump fashion, he ended with a positive note, writing, “SEE YOU TOMORROW MORNING!”

The 45th president also reminded Americans that the 2020 “Election was Rigged and Stolen,” and has resulted in the United States becoming “a Nation In Serious Decline.”

He highlighted the multitude of reasons that Americans should be considering as the trial proceeds, writing that the New York case was nothing but an attempt at “ELECTION INTERFERENCE, ruled over by Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, before a Corrupt and Highly Conflicted Judge, a failed Soros funded District Attorney who didn’t want to bring the case, which could have been brought eight years ago, but wasn’t, in an almost completely Democrat District.”

Just ahead of opening statements Monday morning, President Trump told the press, “I just want to say before we begin – these are all Biden trials. This is done as election interference, everybody knows it.”

He quipped that he could be campaigning for his reelection across the country but noted that Americans “understand what’s going on” and that’s why his polling numbers have continued to go up.

Trump made clear that the case was political, stating, “This is a witch hunt, and it’s a shame and it comes out of Washington, it’s in coordination with Washington, everything, including the DA’s office, it’s in coordination with Washington. I just want people to understand that. This is done for purposes of hurting the opponent of the worst president in the history of our country.”

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