PREVIEW: Trump to hit HARD at weak-on-China Biden during Iowa speech, ‘Joe Biden is OWNED by China’

by Grace Saldana

Photo courtesy of the Trump campaign

President Trump is set to deliver crushing remarks about Joe Biden’s foreign policy during his Iowa Commit to Caucus event in Fort Dodge on Saturday afternoon.

In excerpts released to the media minutes before his arrival in Iowa, President Trump plans to slam Biden’s leadership, which has allowed for “war in Europe, and war in the Middle East,” contrasting to his own leadership approach to global matters: “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.”

The 45th president urges voters to reflect on the state of the world under Biden’s leadership and ask themselves, “Who do you want sitting across that table from President Xi, President Putin, and Chairman Kim Jong Un for the next four years – do you want Crooked Joe Biden, or do you want President Donald J. Trump?”

This is a question voters must take seriously as the war between Israel and Hamas wages on, as does the war between Russia and Ukraine. All this while China continues to make aggressive moves in the South China Sea, stoking fear among pro-West neighboring nations and causing concern for U.S. interests.

This is no time for weak leadership from the U.S. under the Biden administration, and as far as President Trump is concerned, “Crooked Joe is weak on China – because Crooked Joe is OWNED by China,” his remarks read. “He is CORRUPT, and he is COMPROMISED.”

Blasting “one Biden surrender to China after another,” Trump’s speech rips Biden for shutting down the Wuhan Lab investigation, canceling Trump’s program to root out Chinese spies, weakening tariffs on China, allowing China to open up military bases in Cuba, and lastly, allowing a Chinese Spy Balloon to float across the continental United States.

Taking the opportunity to call out Biden’s corruption, President Trump plans to remind Americans, “The Biden Crime Family took millions of dollars from a company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, with Joe Biden personally receiving large deposits of cash – and now, we have a Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office.”

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