Rep. Darrell Issa warns the White House not to destroy evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop

by Summer Lane

Photo credit: Alamy

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., revealed that Republicans are planning an investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop if they retake control of the House in the fall after midterms. The California congressman has warned the White House not to destroy evidence related to the Hunter Biden laptop, according to a report from Just the News.

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, found himself in the spotlight in 2019 when the FBI seized his “laptop from hell,” a term coined by President Donald Trump during his reelection campaign in 2020. According to the Washington Examiner, the laptop in question was reportedly dropped off by Hunter at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019 and was later seized by the FBI.

The laptop contents have since been heavily scrutinized, thanks to emails, photos, and videos on the hard drive that have cast Hunter in a less-than-flattering light. “Today, I put this White House – including Jen Psaki and Ron Klain – on notice: Don’t delete or destroy any evidence of your coordination and collusion in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal,” Rep. Issa stated in a tweet on Thursday.

While the legacy media has consistently claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop story being a scandal was “baseless” or “contrived,” the New York Post (NYP) reported on Friday that 66 percent of Americans believe the contents of the laptop and the connection it has to Joe Biden is important, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll.

Hunter’s laptop, to many Americans, appears to be much more than a trivial, passing scandal. The computer contains many text messages, emails, photos, videos, and even financial documents between Hunter and his family and those he was doing business with, according to the NYP.

Further, some of those business dealings occurred in Ukraine, which allegedly enrichened the Biden family by millions of dollars.

The Biden family has avoided the scandal of Hunter’s exhumed laptop since 2019, but it looks like the American people aren’t going to stand for that anymore. The majority of Americans want answers, and they want them now.

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