Rep. Jody Hice says Georgia election audit will show Trump won in the 2020 election

by Ashley Muñoz

Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., said it is his belief that Georgia’s election audit will prove that President Trump was the legitimate winner of the state in 2020.

In a Tuesday interview with Real America’s Voice John Fredericks, Hice was asked, “Do you think Trump won Georgia?”

The congressman swiftly replied ‘yes’ without hesitation.

“Yeah, I mean obviously the audit is going to show that as we get into it,” said Hice. “But I believe there’s no one, no one can convince me that Georgia’s a blue state.”

The congressman also drew attention to one of the earliest election night oddities. “And we all watched on television everything from the time of the so-called ‘watermain break’ occurred, on from there, we knew something was happening that should not be taking place with our elections in Georgia,” Hice said.

“So yeah, I don’t believe not for one moment that Georgia is blue, but for election irregularities and fraudulent activity and I am confident that that is going to come forward as an audit, as results come out and I hope that that process is going to take place and that soon it will be made public,” the representative concluded.

Congressman Hice, who was recently endorsed by President Donald Trump at his “Save America” rally in Perry, Ga., is in the running to become Georgia’s next Secretary of State, challenging the incumbent, who is a fellow Republican and Trump critic, Brad Raffensperger.

In an open letter written to Raffensperger last week, Trump wrote, “You and Governor Kemp are doing a tremendous disservice to the Great State of Georgia, and to our Nation.”

Trump’s endorsement of Hice catapulted him with supporters of the ‘America First’ agenda which could help him secure the position as the state’s top election official.

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