Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene takes a swing at the ‘old regime’ GOP

by Summer Lane

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., took a swing at the “old regime” of the GOP at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, on Friday in an interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn, calling for an overhaul of the traditional GOP platform.

“I think we’re in a real critical phase right now in our GOP conference…of finding our identity,” Rep. Greene said. She added, “And here’s what we have to do: we have to reject the old ways. The Bush-Cheneys, Kinzingers – the old regime that has failed America over and over and over. They’re no different than the Democrats.”

Additionally, Greene highlighted the “civil war” occurring inside the Republican Party as members argue over how to proceed as a conservative platform. Further, the congresswoman addressed the unspoken GOP rule of not bashing other Republicans publicly.

“I completely reject that,” she stated. “I fully believe that iron sharpens iron.” She also said that she believed that the GOP needed to “lean into the civil war” and “come together once we can figure out what works.”

Rep. Greene has been a fierce advocate for America First policies in Congress, unabashedly taking swings at the radical Democrats in 2021. As reported by RSBN, Rep. Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden in September 2021 following his disastrous and botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. She has also advocated for election integrity and justice for the political prisoners of the Jan. 6 Capitol protests.

Greene continued her interview with Glenn, slamming Biden over his handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis that has escalated over the past week.

“Elections have consequences,” she said. “Stolen elections have consequences. But now we’re seeing the world completely fall apart. Imagine, we had world peace for four years under President Trump, and now [under Biden] we’ve already seen war erupt in Eastern Europe…. Joe Biden did that. It’s fully Joe Biden’s fault.”

Rep. Greene also made remarks on Friday during a panel called, “They Can’t Shut Us Up!” where she said, “I refuse to be silent and I refuse to shut up.” One thing is clear: Rep. Greene is not backing down on what she believes, and Americans can expect to see and hear more from her as the political battles in Washington continue to rage.

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