Joe Pinion, a Republican, becomes first black person to clinch nomination for U.S. Senate in New York

by Timothy Frudd

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Pinion clinched the Republican nomination Monday in his bid to unseat Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Joe Pinion’s nomination marks the first time a black person has been nominated as a Republican for the U.S. Senate in the state of New York. Pinion’s campaign is drawing national attention as the Republican nominee seeks to end Chuck Schumer’s long career in Washington. If Pinion is able to win against Schumer, it will be a massive blow to the Democrat Party.

In an RSBN exclusive interview, Pinion said he is, “Trying to cure America of our Chuck Schumer problem. 24 years in the United States Senate, 42 years in Congress.” He added, “At some point in life you have to start wondering how do we not realize that term limits aren’t just preferable, they’re completely necessary.”

Pinion, who gave up his previous job as a Newsmax host, said, “There’s some things in life worse than not having your own TV show, it’s called not having the country.” He also stated, “I truly believe that we are on the precipice of not having an America that is consistent with what our founders intended.”

After presenting several problems facing the United States, such as inflation, the pandemic, and violence, Pinion placed the blame on the Democrat majority leader, saying, “Who is responsible for all of this pain and suffering? It is Chuck Schumer.”

“He is the architect of all that has gone wrong in society,” Pinion continued.

Schumer’s Republican challenger emphasized, “There’s one race we can make the biggest difference. It’s to make sure that we build that uncommon coalition and put Chuck Schumer in the retirement home of politics once and for all.”

The Republican nominee’s campaign is centered around the idea of an “uncommon coalition” between Democrats and Republicans committed to ending Schumer’s destructive policies affecting New York citizens and Americans across the nation.

Pinion stated, “We are committed to making sure issue by issue that we have a government of the people, by the people.”

Pinion explained one of the biggest problems facing New York is the issue of drugs, caused in large part to the “Chinese and Mexican drug cartels.” He blamed Democrats’ southern border crisis that increases the nation’s problems with drugs.

Pinion said, “You talk about New York’s supposed to be this progressive bastion of the world. It is the epicenter for all things bad. It is the epicenter for under-indexing for all things good.”

He explained that people are leaving New York state in record numbers due to the failed policies of liberal leaders in the state’s government: “We need to make sure that the opportunity that working-class people deserve is actually bestowed on the working-class people still trapped in the former glorious state of New York.”

Highlighting the effort needed by Republicans and Democrats across the nation to unite against Chuck Schumer, Pinion said, “No matter where you live in America, Chuck Schumer truly is the linchpin for the pain Americans are experiencing all across this country.”

Pinion said the reason he launched his campaign is, “To make it known that the people of New York have a chance-they have a choice-for the first time in 24 years.”

Drawing a contrast between the 45th president’s strong leadership and the weakness of the Biden administration, Pinion said, “We have seen the strength of America first, we are witnessing the reality of America last.” He added, “Wokeness on steroids is about to destroy the world order as we know it.”

Providing a contrast to the weakness of the Biden administration, Pinion stated, “Our goal in this cycle is to restore sanity, to restore common sense, to restore common purpose, to build an America that works for every single American once again.”

After securing the Republican nomination in New York state, Pinion now faces a November election against the Senate majority leader. Americans across the nation will be eagerly watching this race between two vastly different candidates.

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