Report: Oversight Committee finds Biden’s family business ‘completely outside the bounds’ in new investigation hearing

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

The House Ways and Means Committee stated on Thursday that “new evidence” from a recent IRS whistleblower hearing allegedly supports claims against President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business associates. 

In a hearing between IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, the committed alleged that their claims with “new supported material” shows that “then-Vice President Biden used secret email accounts to communicate directly with Hunter Biden’s business associates.”

The report details questions asked by the committee to the whistleblowers that describe how IRS agents were allegedly unable “to verify “ financial “transactions between Joe Biden and his son Hunter.”

“In all the different scenarios – Burisma, CEFC, all those different scenarios – there was nothing to verify that they were loans in the evidence,” Ziegler stated. 

Whistleblowers also allege that the IRS’s choice to allegedly “walk away from 300,000 in unpaid taxes,” alluding to Hunter Biden, was “completely outside” the normal standards.  

“This was, of my 13 years as an IRS Special Agent – and I’ve only been an IRS Special Agent – this was completely outside the bounds of what I’m normally accustomed to, and, throughout this investigation, there were so many things that were not normal procedure,” Ziegler stated. 

The investigation continued to discuss the whistleblowers’ alleged stall in investigating Biden and his son, stating they were “discouraged” from following any leads they found. 

“I mean, there could be some legitimate business reasons. But that is the whole point here in this investigation. There were no legitimate business reasons for all these entities to be set up,” Shapley stated.

“There really weren’t many services being provided by some of them, and some of them were just flow‑through entities that were high on the list of red flags for potential tax evasion or tax noncompliance,” Shapley stated.   

Whistleblowers additionally called out the current special counsel, David Weiss, noting how he has been allegedly “self-serving” in the process.

“What we need is a special counsel investigating David Weiss and the Department of Justice handling of this investigation, and that’s going to include me too,” Shapley stated.

“Look at everything I did. Look at everything he says; every report he writes is going to be self-serving. It’s going to be a defense of the things they did wrong in that investigation,” Shapley stated.

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