Report: Secret Service meets with NYC jail officials ahead of Trump court verdict

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

If a New York jury delivers a guilty verdict for President Trump after closing arguments are delivered by the prosecution and the defense, it remains uncertain what would happen if the president were to face a sentence that includes jail time.

As the 45th president, he travels everywhere with his U.S. Secret Service detail, therefore adding another level of security complexity to any potential sentence including jail.

On Tuesday, final arguments began in New York, when Trump’s legal team kicked things off with defense lawyer Todd Blanche, who painted a rapid-fire picture attacking the credibility of the charges and doing his best to introduce reasonable doubt of guilt while speaking to the jury. Via the NYT, Blanche also called the prosecution’s star witness, ex-lawyer and convicted felon Michael Cohen, “The human embodiment of reasonable doubt, literally.”

Trump is facing 34 counts related to the alleged falsification of business records in the so-called “hush money” case that has spanned weeks, parading witnesses like Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels before a Manhattan jury, and tying the president up in court amidst the last few months of a presidential election year.

According to CBS News, a New York corrections source has claimed that the Secret Service met with local jail authorities to determine what the protocol might be for keeping the president protected in the event that he was sentenced to jail time.

The outlet revealed that each of the 34 charges in this case can carry up to four years in prison upon a potential conviction. Hypothetically, if Trump was convicted on all 34 charges – which is unlikely – he could face a maximum prison sentence of 136 years.

It seems unbelievable that a President of the United States is facing the possibility of a conviction with jail time, especially amidst an election year, for an alleged crime related to something as simple as legal reimbursement paperwork.

“The Biden regime censors its critics, spies on its opposition, takes away the bank accounts of U.S. citizens as an extra form of punishment, persecutes Christians and patriotic parents, and is currently trying to put the leading candidate for president in jail – that happens to be me,” Trump said on Saturday in Washington, D.C., slamming the Manhattan trial as an example of political lawfare.

“Anyone can talk about defending freedom, but I’ve ACTUALLY put everything on the line to resist these despots and these thugs,” he added.

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