Republican Mike Carey WINS Ohio congressional race

The Republican candidate for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, Mike Carey, is set to pick up a major victory tonight against Democrat opponent Rep. Allison Russo, soaring to victory with a 14-point lead.

Going into the hotly anticipated congressional race, President Trump loaned his support to the “Washington outsider” calling him a true “America First Patriot.” 

“Mike, who already won his primary election by a large margin,” Trump said, “is going to close out the race tomorrow and he will win big, but only if MAGA Votes Big. Don’t leave anything up to chance. We need Mike in Congress to fight against Crazy Nancy Pelosi, AOC +3, and the rest of the Communist Democrats trying to destroy America. Mike has a brilliant future, loves Ohio, and will represent you well. Please, get out and Vote for Mike Carey!”

It looks like Trump supporters and conservative voters in general showed up strong for Mike Carey, catapulting him to an inspiring victory amidst a turbulent political time in our nation’s history.

Trump initially endorsed Carey in June, while Joe Biden did not endorse his chosen candidate, Russo, until just days before the November 2 election. 

It appears that, once again, Trump’s endorsements have yielded a positive and effective result for conservatives in Ohio, perhaps signaling the beginning of a new red tide that will grow bigger as the 2022 midterms approach.

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