RSBN Rises to #3 on Apple App Store News Rankings


RSBN’s unbeatable live coverage of Trump events proves to be deeply resonating with Americans who simply want to see and hear the truth the mainstream media hides.

After covering the North Carolina GOP State Convention, including remarks from Gov. Kristi Noem and former President Donald J. Trump, and everything in between, RSBN app downloads soared.

Reaching #3 on Apple’s App Store news rankings, RSBN gained a massive 37,000 new app downloads on Saturday night during our broadcast of Trump’s speech at the convention in Greenville, N.C. This comes after the official app launched less than a month ago on May 13.

While most mainstream media outlets aired alternative shows or segments, RSBN’s stream of the event saw an influx of viewers across our platforms that is now approaching two million views as of Sunday afternoon.

It’s safe to say that RSBN is meeting the demand for the raw, unedited news Americans want as we continue to bring full coverage of the events important to you.

We are deeply grateful for all of your support for our platform and the conservative movement!

Stay tuned for this summer’s upcoming rallies and events by downloading our app today on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick.


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