Rumble: The free speech platform where cancel culture goes to DIE

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The online video streaming platform, Rumble, has established itself over the past two years as a powerhouse source of competition to censorship-happy Big Tech giants like YouTube.

In a new ad released by the free-speech streaming company, a narrator states, “We are living in a world where we are suffocating creativity. Blinded by narratives. And losing our freedoms…But not anymore! RUMBLE: A video platform celebrating freedom, creative independence, immunity to cancel culture, protecting a free and open internet.”

The video added, “Be authentic. Be Brave. Be free. Join Rumble today.”

Rumble, which is accessible on all computers and available for download in app stores for mobile phones, recently joined forces with President Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, in August to be the site’s first ad publisher, per RSBN.

In an August statement from the video streaming company, both platforms announced that they would be partnering to “displace Big Tech platforms as a superior venue for businesses to connect with an extraordinarily engaged audience of millions of real people,” as stated by the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, Devin Nunes.

In September, Rumble Founder and CEO Chris Pavlovski announced that the company had been listed as $RUM on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

“Today marks an amazing milestone for our company, and one that I have been looking forward to for a long time,” he stated. “This transaction allows Rumble to fund a wide range of business initiatives, including the development of our independent infrastructure while we continue to add top creators to our platforms.…This is truly a vote of confidence in our mission and platform, and I look forward to further delivering for all our constituents going forward.”

Rumble has attracted celebrities and commentators like Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, and VivaFrei, to flee the censorship of YouTube and join the platform.

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