State Department reportedly arranges exit for U.S. citizens still stranded in Afghanistan

by Summer Lane

After a badly botched and grueling withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan under the leadership of Joe Biden and his administration, the U.S. State Department has reportedly arranged for an exit for the last remaining Americans who have been stranded in the Middle East.

After months of conflicting reports about the actual number of Americans who were left behind in the chaos of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the State Department confirmed in October that there were at least 76 more Americans left behind. 

Biden’s poorly-executed Afghanistan withdrawal has been chaotic at best and deadly at worst. 13 U.S. soldiers died in a suicide bombing attack at the Kabul International Airport, and 18 more were seriously wounded.

Additionally, many Americans in Afghanistan were left behind, effectively stranding them in a hostile environment, due to the Taliban regaining control of the country in light of the U.S. troop withdrawal. An American husband and wife from San Diego, CA penned a heart wrenching letter to Biden last month, pleading for an escape from Afghanistan in light of the quickly devolving situation. 

Unfortunately, Biden has only doubled down on his handling of the situation. “Now some say we ‘should’ve started mass evacuations sooner’ and ‘couldn’t have this been done in a more orderly manner?’ I respectfully disagree,” Biden said in an August press conference. He has yet to accept full responsibility for the deaths of the 13 American troops. 

According to a report from ABC News, a senior State Department official revealed, “This mission will continue. These numbers are nothing more than a snapshot on any given day. It’s not that we’re closing up shop, but we are marking an important milestone.”

If the State Department is finally arranging for the extraction of stranded Americans in Afghanistan, many people are likely wondering if this was because of the influence of Joe Biden’s leadership – or in spite of it. The entire situation in Afghanistan has amounted to a tragic debacle, and there are countless families who are still hoping for the safe return of their friends and loved ones, praying that the State Dept. will follow through with their plan and bring these citizens home.  

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