True the Vote pulls the ‘Ripcord’ and launches site to disseminate intel on fraud

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Election integrity organization True the Vote revealed during a strategic planning session on Saturday that they were launching “,” the long-awaited “Ripcord” of intel that they have teased for months.

The planning session, called “The Pit,” was exclusively streamed by RSBN last weekend, and included speakers like Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht presented information about her organization’s newest project alongside election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips. “We are launching something today called Open Ink,” Phillips told the audience, which was comprised of roughly 100 invitees in Phoenix, Arizona.

He continued, “When we first decided to do this…within a few days it was immediately attacked by Chinese actors…not just attacked, but attacked and stripped.” Phillips explained that the cyber attack on the new website was “not just an attack – it was a penetration.”

Engelbrecht described Open.Ink as a “repository” that they hoped would become “a community where you’re going to be able to look for data.” The website will enable users to upload their own documents and data, as well as access the endless research and information that True the Vote has conducted in its quest to uncover the truth about U.S. election irregularities.

“We want to democratize all of this data, all of this information,” Phillips reiterated. “The pulling of the Ripcord is Open.Ink.”

Engelbrecht added that users on the site will be able to sign up and download every single last frame of drop box video that True the Vote has acquired. “If you want to look at how we approached our studies in the various jurisdictions – it’s there,” she remarked.

True the Vote gained national attention because of its involvement in the explosive documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, “2000 Mules,” which revealed damning evidence of nationwide ballot trafficking that took place during the 2020 presidential election.

Engelbrecht continued, telling attendees that the website would be the “place that we’re gonna continue to load into…and that really is the end of Mules.”

She encouraged everyone to “move on” not from what happened in 2020, but to understand that “the past is prologue” and that Americans “have to be positioned to move forward.”

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