Trump: Afghanistan tragedy would never have happened if ‘I was your president’

by Laura Ramirez

President Donald Trump released a video reacting to the deadly explosions that ISIS-K detonated on Thursday in front of the Kabul airport resulting in multiple casualties among U.S. troops and Afghan civilians.

“As one nation American mourns the loss of our brave and brilliant American service members in a savage and barbaric terrorist attacks in Afghanistan,” Trump said offering condolences to the families of the 13 U.S. troops that were killed during the attack.

“In addition, our hearts are with the families of all the innocent civilians who died and with the many men and women and children who were terribly injured in this act of evil. This tragedy should never have taken place. It should never have happened and it would not have happened if I were your president.”

President Trump has continually slammed Joe Biden for running out of Afghanistan “instead of following the plan” the Trump administration left for him.

“He ran out of Afghanistan instead of following the plan our Administration left for him-a plan that protected our people and our property, and ensured the Taliban would never dream of taking our Embassy or providing a base for new attacks against America. The withdrawal would be guided by facts on the ground,” Trump said in a statement.

The Biden administration’s mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has prompted calls on Biden’s top security adviser to resign, as well as for Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment.

We at RSBN stand with all men and women in uniform and offer our deepest condolences to the families of America’s fallen heroes.

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