Trump: After examining ’11,000,000’ pages of documents and records, ‘THEY’VE GOT NOTHING’

2PH3BNK Former U.S. President Donald Trump attends his first campaign rally after announcing his candidacy for president in the 2024 election at an event in Waco, Texas, U.S., March 25, 2023. REUTERS/Go Nakamura

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President Donald Trump hit back at the radical left’s ceaseless legal attacks levied at himself and his business in a video posted to social media, pointing out that over the years, “11,000,000” documents and records had been examined in different investigations.

“They have closely studied 11,000,000 pages of documents, financial records, and tax returns, some gotten illegally, billions of dollars of deals and transactions, and THEY’VE GOT NOTHING,” he said.

He continued, “After eight years of politically motivated investigations, hoaxes, scams, and witch hunts, this must make me the most honest and honorable man anywhere in the world. Nobody in history has ever been through the scrutiny that I have. We’re going to make America great again – we’re going to get rid of these lunatics.”

President Trump has endured intense political and legal attacks over the past few months. In early April, he was arraigned in New York on 34 felony counts of allegedly “falsifying” business records after a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict him.

In addition, there are two ongoing cases in New York – a civil suit launched by New York Attorney General Letitia James and another case brought forth by E. Jean Carrol, which is set to go to trial next week, per The New York Times.

A fourth investigation has been ongoing in Fulton County, Georgia, where prosecutor Fani Willis has spent two years investigating President Trump’s long-ago Georgia phone call regarding the 2020 election, NYT also reported.

Last week in Indianapolis, Indiana, Trump called out his enemies for “Soviet-style” prosecutorial abuse, accusing them of “trying to arrest their political opposition.”

He added, “I am the one that they don’t want to run against… they’ve got 5,000 prosecutors after my ass!”

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