Trump arrives in South Carolina amid electric excitement from supporters

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has arrived in South Carolina on Monday morning ahead of his anticipated remarks in Summerville, stepping off Trump Force One and preceding his speech with a visit to local supporters of his 2024 presidential reelection campaign.

Trump, who is leading by wide margins in the GOP 2024 presidential primary, to visit with a roomful of excited MAGA voters from “Moms for Liberty” before he arrived at the speaking venue, where he was greeted with cheering and applause.

He told the crowd that his campaign didn’t play “prevent-defense,” but rather, “offense,” because “our country has never been in this position.”

He continued, “We have to save our country, we have to make America great again.” He also thanked the crowd for their support and highlighted a recent Washington Post/ABC poll in which he was up by 10 points over Biden nationally.

The president additionally drew chuckles from the crowd when he mentioned that he was beating “Ron DeSanctimonious” in the GOP primary polls.

Earlier in the morning, he told RSBN’s Brian Glenn that he was leading “by a lot” according to the Post-ABC poll, “against the worst president” in American history.

“He’s [Biden] destroying our country, and we have to save it,” he said.

In South Carolina, the energy to reelect President Trump appears unmatched. At the venue in Summerville, people began lining up outside the event hours before President Trump was even scheduled to speak.

“You’re great people…we have to straighten this [country] out!” Trump told supporters, drawing applause and cheers once again.

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