Trump attorney gives his take on endless NYC investigations

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

One of President Trump’s attorneys, Joe Tacopina, joined Fox News host Mark Levin on “Life, Liberty and Levin” this week to discuss the possibility of the 45th president’s potential indictment by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Levin took a special interest in Mark Pomerantz, who formerly investigated the finances of President Trump, until his resignation from the probe in February 2022 because Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg declined to bring charges against Trump at that time, via Reuters.

Since then, Pomerantz has vehemently trashed President Trump in public interviews and even published a book about the investigation. Trump previously ripped Pomerantz for his behavior, writing in February, “With all of this vicious disinformation being revealed by a ‘prosecutor,’ how can I ever be treated fairly in New York, or anywhere else? End the Witch Hunts!”

Levin asked Tacopina if Pomerantz’s behavior since resigning from the investigation presented a question of problematic attorney ethics.

“Oh, it goes well beyond attorney ethics, Mark,” Tacopina replied. “First of all, he’s committed a crime, in my opinion, because he signed a document saying that he understands that it’s in violation of the New York State Penal Law, to take any information that he’s gathered, while a special prosecutor, appointed prosecutor, from the grand jury investigation, and reveal it to a third party. Not only did he reveal it to a third party – he revealed it to millions of parties. He wrote a BOOK with that information that he gathered while in that position. That’s not only an ethical violation, it’s a criminal violation.”

Tacopina noted that Pomerantz reflected on his eagerness to prosecute President Trump in his book (People vs. Donald Trump), even going so far as to say he would have “paid” to have the chance to prosecute the president.

“That’s a scary statement right there, when you think about it Mark, because that’s exactly what the system is NOT supposed to be about,” Tacopina pointed out. “It’s also not supposed to be about, taking the person and trying to find a crime that fits that person. You don’t do that.”

He continued, “So, what they did for three years, Mark, is scour Donald Trump’s personal and private life – his business records, his professional records. They came up with NOTHING.”

Tacopina also commented that he believed the years-long investigation into Trump, which has been a fruitless endeavor for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, was pressuring Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to bring charges against the president.

“The only potential crime here, Mark, is that Donald Trump was an extortion victim,” Tacopina said, addressing the “hush money” payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which is reportedly the basis for Bragg’s potential indictment of President Trump.

“When someone says give me money or I’m going to tell a story about you, true or not, – that’s absolutely irrelevant to that equation – true or not, I’m going to tell a story to the press that’s going to embarrass you, your family, unless you give me money – that’s extortion 101,” Tacopina concluded. “How she’s [Stormy Daniels] not being looked at as someone who’s a bad actor is beyond me.”

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