Trump blasts McConnell on debt ceiling: ‘GET RID OF MITCH!’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump slammed Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in a Sunday statement for his political weakness, accusing him of not having the “guts to play the Debt Ceiling card, which would have given the Republicans a complete victory on virtually everything.”

This weekend, the Senate paved the way for Congress to raise the country’s debt ceiling, which would enable Democrats to increase the United States’ borrowing limit, according to a report from CNBC.

Mitch McConnell, who is supposedly responsible for helping to shape Republican patterns of voting in the Senate, is being accused by Trump of being a pushover. “Mitch McConnell is giving the Democrats victory on everything,” Trump stated. “What’s wrong with this Broken Old Crow?”

Although the debt crisis in America is nothing new, this year, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen projected that the United States would be unable to cough up financially for its bills by Dec. 15. According to the CNBC report, Democrats will likely raise the borrowing limit by another $2 trillion.

This comes on the heels of the staggeringly expensive, $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure Bill” that passed Congress with bipartisan support in November.

“He’s [McConnell] hurting the Republican Senators and the Republican Party,” Trump continued in his statement. “When will they vote him out of Leadership?”

According to Trump, the “Dems were ready to fold!” Additionally, Trump predicted in his statement that the Democrats will continue to use the debt ceiling against Republicans in future legislative battles. “It will not be pretty,” he added. “GET RID OF MITCH!”

The U.S. debt is just one of many financial issues that have dogged the United States since Biden took office in January. Additionally, inflation rates in America have hit a nearly 40 year high, with a 33.3 percent increase in energy prices and a 58.1 percent increase in gas prices.

The artificial extension of the debt ceiling, along with catastrophic inflation and supply shortages across the country have led many to speculate when the inflation bubble will pop and leave Americans grappling with what could be nationwide financial catastrophe.

With Congress and the Biden administration devoted to passing big spending bills and raising the borrowing limit in America, the possibilities of what might happen are not looking good.

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