Trump brings ‘RESPECT’ to the Bronx, earning New Yorkers’ support

2F1KD20 New York City, United States. 08th Mar, 2021. Pro Trump supporters gathered outside of Trump Towers as former president Trump visits New York City for the first time after leaving office. (Photo by Steve Sanchez/Pacific Press) Credit: Pacific Press Media Production Corp./Alamy Live News

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New York City locals’ anticipation of President Trump’s visit to the South Bronx on Thursday is a hefty indication of just how much the Empire State supports the man who lived and breathed New York real estate for most of his life.

In an insightful segment on Fox News, NYC locals talked about their view on President Trump’s local visit to the South Bronx, citing his “respect” for the area and his support for the “little man.”

“I see Democrats now coming out and, and they’re like, ‘Oh, Trump is not welcome here.’ Who ARE you?” one young man remarked.

Another woman interviewed on the street noted, “I think he should definitely come to the neighborhood.”

When asked if the other boroughs of New York would be “jealous” of Trump’s visit on Thursday, one local resident sporting a cowboy hat commented, “I don’t know, but I hope so…Trump is doing something that no one has done. He is giving such a respect to the Bronx.”

“Not all Democrats vote Democrat, I happen to be one of those Democrats that hasn’t voted Democrats since the age of Ronald Reagan,” another local female voter posited.

President Trump previously garnered national media attention when he visited a bodega in the heart of Harlem, meeting with supporters, taking pictures with the crowd, and delving into deep-blue New York with strength and enthusiasm.

Trump earned the support of thousands of NYC businesses when he captured the endorsement of the Bodega and Small Business Group amidst that integral visit.

After leaving office in 2021, the 45th president returned to New York in March of that year, where he was greeted at Trump Tower by supporters carrying flags and signs. One banner read, “WE LOVE YOU TRUMP.”

Based on the newest interviews coming out of the South Bronx and Harlem, New York’s support for Trump has continued to grow over the past two years. As reported by RSBN, around 10,000 tickets have been distributed for the president’s South Bronx event on Thursday.

On the eve of his visit to NYC, supporters in Yankee Stadium unfurled a giant “NEVER SURRENDER” flag, complete with Trump’s famous Georgia mugshot.

This year, President Trump has promised to make a heavy play for traditional “blue states” during the 2024 election, eyeing states like Virginia, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York ahead of November’s big presidential contest.

He explained at a monstrous rally of more than 100,000 people in New Jersey in May that “millions of people in so-called blue states are joining our movement based on LOVE, intelligence, and a thing called COMMON SENSE!”

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