Trump calls for an END to ‘every last federal Covid mandate’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump called for an end to federal Covid mandates at an exciting Save America rally in Florence, South Carolina, on Saturday.

Teasing a red wave of conservative victories in 2022, he told the crowd, “Another top priority when we take back Congress should be, and it will be to pass a bill terminating every last federal COVID mandate!”

President Trump delivered remarks to an energetic crowd of supporters, ringing in his third rally of the year as Joe Biden’s administration has plunged the U.S. into economic chaos amidst rising gas prices and war breaking out in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine. 

President Trump also specifically addressed the brave men and women in uniform who have lost their positions in the military due to Biden’s tyrannical federal vaccine mandates.

“…and on day one, we should force the Pentagon to rehire all the great service members Biden forced out of the military with his lawless vaccine mandates…with an apology and all back pay,” he told a roaring crowd. 

Trump’s speech was electric and inspiring, providing Americans with a morale boost during these troubling times.

“It was patriots like you who built this country,” he told the audience. “And it’s patriots like you that are going to save our country…this is a very, very critical time…our country has never been in trouble like it is right now…together, we will make a more exceptional country than ever before.”

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