Trump calls on Bidens to ‘honor’ House subpoenas

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump criticized the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax from years past on Wednesday, highlighting his family’s cooperation with congressional subpoenas despite them being “COMPLETELY INNOCENT” and having to sit for “18 hours” of deposition.

Trump explained on Truth Social, “Certainly, Hunter Biden should be treated in the same manner. Just because the DOJ, FBI and IRS consistently turn a blind eye to Biden crimes and corruption, doesn’t mean Republicans in Congress should do the same.”

In early November, the House Oversight Committee, spearheaded by Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., issued subpoenas for the son of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the brother of Joe, James Biden. The subpoenas were related to the Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s alleged foreign business transactions.

House Republicans have been conducting a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden since they were directed to do so by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who was then serving as Speaker of the House.

President Trump continued, “Our Law Enforcement is not only Weaponized, it is a dangerous, Two-Tiered System. The Bidens should honor their subpoenas by the House Oversight Committee, just as the Trump Family did!”

As reported by RSBN, Rep. Comer has vowed that the impeachment inquiry will be “leaving no stone unturned.”

Next week, the House of Representatives will take a formal vote on whether to continue the impeachment inquiry investigation into Joe Biden, which newly minted Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, R-La., has called their “constitutional responsibility.”

He explained that this was necessary “so that when subpoenas are challenged in court, we will be at the apex of our constitutional authority.”

There has been a series of repeated shakeups on Capitol Hill this year among House Republicans, culminating in the removal of Speaker Emeritus McCarthy, who announced this week that he would be retiring from Congress by the end of the year.

At this time, Republicans hold a slim majority in the House. On the heels of the expulsion of Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., and McCarthy’s impending retirement, the GOP will effectively only hold the voting majority.

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