Trump campaign offers 10 rock-solid solutions for Biden’s ‘Border Bloodbath’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

It’s no secret that the southern border crisis has escalated to its worst point in American history. Millions of unvetted illegal migrants have flooded into the United States, hailing from regions like Somalia, China, the Congo, and Yemen.

This rapid uptick in unchecked migration has contributed to a swell of nationwide migrant-related crime, resulting in the tragic deaths of young women like Laken Riley in Georgia and Ruby Garcia in Michigan.

President Trump has referred to the illegal immigration catastrophe as “Joe Biden’s Border Bloodbath” and has vowed to take immediate action to halt the destruction at the border upon his first day in office following a prospective presidential victory in November.

“With your vote, I will seal the border, I will stop the invasion, I will end the carnage, bloodshed, and killing and we will crush the human traffickers!” Trump said recently at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

According to data from Pew Research, a whopping 78 percent of Americans in 2024 believe that the unsecured southern border is a “crisis” while 32 percent say that it is a “major problem.”

Clearly, the border situation has gotten out of control, and Americans across the board have recognized that Joe Biden’s administration is doing nothing to solve the problem. This year, President Donald Trump has worked hard to present a straightforward and effective plan for quickly reversing the damage facilitated by the government’s incompetence.

On Friday, Trump’s campaign released a bullet-point list that presented ten immediate steps that would end Biden’s “Border Bloodbath” and restore safety and sanity in American communities.

The campaign stated, “From the very moment he arrived in the Oval Office, Crooked Joe Biden has actively engineered the worst border crisis in the history of our country. In his first 100 days alone, he issued a staggering 94 executive orders overturning the border policies of the Trump Administration. As a result, more than nine million illegal aliens have invaded our southern border to prey on our people and endanger our communities.”

Trump recommended the following ten methods that would quickly assuage the wounded southern border:

  • End “Catch and Release,”
  • Reimpose “Remain in Mexico” (Migrant Protection Protocols),
  • Deport illegal aliens,
  • Reinstate Title 42,
  • Use Title 42 to crack down on human trafficking,
  • Cancel illegal alien work permits,
  • Send troops to border,
  • Get Mexico to help,
  • Leverage safe third agreements (Immigration and Nationality Act),
  • Finish the wall.

The campaign further included a 31-page document detailing President Trump’s accomplishments on the issue of immigration during his term in the White House.

Via the document:

“President Trump’s visionary national interest immigration policy delivered on his campaign promise to secure the border. President Trump executed a multi-layered approach of regulatory and policy reform that enforced the law and ensured that only qualified immigrants who did not threaten the homeland would receive merit-based visas and would be allowed into American communities.”

Indeed, illegal immigration was at perhaps the lowest level in modern history right before Trump left office. Under Joe Biden, the illegal immigration population has at least doubled, with an influx of roughly 10 million illegal border crossings in just three years, via The Hill.

Joe Biden has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal migrants, and President Donald Trump has promised that he will put a stop to the perpetuated crisis. “It’s going to END the day that I take office,” he has vowed.

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