Trump campaign punches back after London court tosses Steele dossier lawsuit

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President Donald Trump’s campaign punched back after a London court tossed a lawsuit that he had brought against an intelligence company linked to ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

According to Politico, High Court Judge Karen Steyn ruled that the court could not “consider or determine the accuracy or inaccuracy of the memoranda” and further claimed that his lawsuit exceeded “a six-year period of ‘limitations.’”

Via the outlet, Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung stated, “The High Court in London has found that there was not even an attempt by Christopher Steele, or his group, to justify or try to prove, which they absolutely cannot, their false and defamatory allegations in the fake ‘dossier.’”

He added, “President Trump will continue to fight for the truth and against falsehoods such as ones promulgated by Steele and his cohorts.”

Last year, Trump brought a lawsuit against Orbis Business Intelligence, a British investigations organization that was tied to Steele and his infamous dossier, which was the root of many now-debunked and wild Russian collusion stories in the mainstream media in 2016.

As reported by RSBN, Trump sued the company for allegations related to “protection breaches over a dossier” that was authored by Steele, who reportedly co-founded the company.

The Steele dossier alleged colorful tales of Russian collusion, blackmail, and sex but has long since been debunked.

In 2022, the Federal Election Commission slapped a fine on Hillary Clinton and the DNC for allegedly lying about a whopping $1,024,407.97 that was supposedly sent to a law firm that was doing “opposition research on the dossier.”

Via RSBN, the final Durham Report released in 2023 shockingly claimed that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million to, as Donald Trump put it, “FRAME” him.

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