Trump dares Biden to take a cognitive test: ‘We would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a swing at Joe Biden on Thursday morning, challenging the 81-year-old to take a cognitive exam to prove his ability to lead the country.

He wrote, “Crooked Joe Biden must take a Cognitive Test. Maybe that way we would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions.”

This week, it was announced that Joe Biden had undergone a routine annual exam at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. According to Politico, his exam by White House physician Kevin O’Connor identified “no new concerns” with Biden while highlighting age-related issues like sleep apnea and a-fib.

Biden’s anticipated physical exam did not include a cognitive test, which has drawn the ire of Joe Biden’s critics. Over the past few years, Biden has increasingly made more public gaffes, taken tumbles, and seemingly struggled to do simple tasks like walking up the steps to Air Force One.

President Trump pointed out that while he was in office, he took two cognitive exams, unlike Biden. The 45th president explained, “I took two of them, and ACED them both (no mistakes!). All Presidents, or people wanting to become President, should mandatorily take this test!”

This is not the first time that Trump has called for Biden to take a cognitive exam. In fact, he has been making the same call for years. In 2022, for example, he challenged Biden to take a cognitive exam and release the results “for the world to see.”

He has argued that if Biden were to take a cognitive test and go public with the results it would “put the question to rest” on whether he was competent enough to govern the country.

According to Politico, Biden did not complete a cognitive exam this year because his daily duties in the White House were essentially the same thing, per White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

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