Trump decries imprisonment of True the Vote founder: ‘She’s an incredible person’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump amplified the concerns of many freedom-loving Americans on Saturday night by drawing attention to the shocking arrest of Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of the election integrity organization True the Vote.

Trump stated, “…A woman who’s incredible – Engelbrecht, you know her? Catherine Engelbrecht. And another gentleman…these are patriots.”

Engelbrecht was arrested this week along with election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips, for failing to provide the name of a confidential informant for Judge Kenneth Hoyt, per RSBN.

“They [True the Vote] spent a year going over hundreds of thousands of hours of tape all over the country and they found that ballot boxes have been stuffed,” Trump continued. “You’ve heard about it – ‘2000 Mules…’

“2000 Mules” was released earlier this year by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. The film used evidence largely provided by True the Vote to uncover a nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy related to the 2020 presidential election.

“She’s an incredible person, and so are the people at True the Vote that worked with her,” Trump went on, speaking about Engelbrecht. “…Can you imagine? They put her in prison. She’s in JAIL. What a disgrace. Our country’s going to hell in so many different ways.”

The president also lambasted the treatment of Jan. 6 political prisoners and slammed the “two levels of justice” in America today.

“…It’s the opposite of justice,” he concluded.

Trump’s comments were made in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, at a Save America rally that drummed up support for the entire Trump Ticket in the Keystone State.

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