Trump DESTROYS ‘two levels of justice’ for Jan. 6 prisoners: ‘The people aren’t going to take it anymore’

by Summer Lane

President Trump took a hardline stance against the politicization of the American justice system on Saturday night in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, decrying the imprisonment of Jan. 6 protesters and pointing out the double standard in treatment between patriots and BLM rioters.

“…They take an unbelievable American patriot, along with others, including January 6 people, okay?” the 45th president remarked, speaking as well to the recent arrest of True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips.

“…And they got treated like nobody’s ever been treated in this country – yet BLM and Antifa burned down cities, killed people – and NOTHING happens to them,” he told the crowd.

The audience cheered in agreement.

“It’s a disgrace,” Trump added. “…Two levels of justice…no justice. It’s the opposite of justice.”

Trump also added, “the people aren’t going to take it anymore – they’re not going to take it anymore. If we’re going to Make America Great Again, we first have to make America SAFE again.”

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