Trump on Democrats: ‘Nobody’s ever cheated like these people cheat’

by Samantha Flom

President Donald J. Trump ripped Democrats Saturday night, contending that they steal elections out of hatred for the United States.

“They cheat so much; they cheat – nobody’s ever cheated like these people cheat,” Trump said while stumping for America First candidates at a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

The 45th president made the remark while slamming Democrats’ choice not to finish building the border wall.

“They didn’t want to do it,” he noted. “And I said, ‘Something’s strange here’ because I never believed they wanted open borders. I never thought they were stupid. Because look at the way they cheat on elections – nobody could be stupid to cheat so well, right?”

Ruling out incompetence as the reason behind Democrats’ border policies, Trump added: “The only other answer is they hate our country. … They’re either stupid or they hate our country.”

Election integrity has become an increasing concern among many Americans since the 2020 presidential election, which many – including the 45th president – believe to have been rigged. 

Pennsylvania has been at the epicenter of those concerns, as voters there reported several irregularities – particularly with the unprecedented expansion of voting by mail.

As a result, earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots with incorrect or missing dates cannot be counted in the upcoming midterm elections. But while such ballots were counted during the 2020 election, the court declined to invalidate Pennsylvania’s results.

Weighing in on that decision via Truth Social, Trump said: “So the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled, in effect, that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged, but they’ll let that result stand, however, in future Elections, you are no longer allowed to do what was done in the 2020 Election.”

Noting that the number of affected ballots outnumbered the amount he would have needed to win the state, he added, “What a SCAM!”

Nevertheless, the president noted Saturday that the ruling marked a victory for proponents of election integrity in Pennsylvania.

“Essentially – they don’t want to say this – but they said, ‘Trump was 100 percent right. The election was rigged and stolen,’” he said. “And we’re not going to let it happen again!”

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