Trump emphasizes the plight of American VETERANS: ‘we salute to you’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump focused on the needs and rights of distinguished veterans of America during his remarks on Tuesday afternoon in Windham, New Hampshire.  

“In a few short years, we turned the VA from a national embarrassment into a national example of devotion, and service, and loyalty to the American people,” he told the crowd.

The president announced the launch of a new “Veterans for Trump” coalition in the Granite State, which has been backed by 120 veterans, including veteran and Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla.

He highlighted the Obama administration’s terrible treatment of American veterans, noting that during the Obama years, “the VA was plagued by one horrific scandal after another.”

Trump continued, “All of that changed when we arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We went from the absolute worst…to the greatest champion veterans ever had in the White House.”

He also reminded Americans of his record on supporting veterans while he was in the White House. “It was very much promises MADE, promises KEPT,” he said.

He noted that while president, he accomplished the following for veterans:

  • Signed the VA Accountability Act,
  • Fired more than 10,000 corrupt “sadists” working at the VA,
  • Signed Veterans Choice,
  • Secured record funding for the VA,
  • Slashed VA waiting times.

The president honored the presence of veterans who were attending the event in New Hampshire and asked them to stand up and receive applause and thanks from the crowd. “To every veteran in this room, we salute you,” he told them.

As president again, he promised to build a new VA hospital in the state of New Hampshire.

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