Trump will make it his ‘personal mission’ to eradicate veteran homelessness in America

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made a promise to end the scourge of homelessness in America among the country’s veteran population, slamming Joe Biden for abandoning the nation’s heroes while facilitating the comfort of illegal aliens within our own borders.

During remarks delivered in Windham, New Hampshire, Trump pledged, “I will make it a personal mission to totally eradicate veterans’ homelessness…It’s a scandal, it’s a disgrace what’s happening now and it is a national tragedy…”

He attacked Joe Biden for allowing the southern border to remain wide open an unsecured, calling him out for spending more than $1 billion in taxpayer money to house illegal aliens in hotels “while more than 33,000 Americans who have served our country in uniform are homeless.”

The president focused heavily on veterans’ issues during his speech, vowing to take action on day one of a 2025 Trump administration by signing an executive order to “cut off Joe Biden’s massive spigot of funding for the shelter and transport of illegal aliens.”

He also promised to “redirect that money to provide shelter and treatment for homeless American veterans.”

His statements drew huge applause from the crowd, prompting them to chant “USA!”

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