Trump endorses Geoff Diehl to challenge Massachusetts’ ‘RINO’ Gov. Charlie Baker

by Joshua Perry

President Donald Trump made waves on Tuesday with his endorsement of Geoff Diehl to become the next governor of the Old Bay State, “Geoff Diehl of Massachusetts looks very much forward to his run against RINO Gov. Charlie Baker.”

Historically, Baker has been ranked as one of the most popular governors in the country according to polling, but he’s not in the good graces of the 45th president.

In his critique of Baker’s governance over the state’s energy policies, Trump said, “His views are out of the AOC playbook.” Included in his statement, Trump labeled Baker as “bad on crime” and one who “disrespects our police.”

In contrast, Trump sang high praises for Diehl, “Geoff Diehl, on the other hand, is a true patriot.” He added that Diehl is “a believer in low energy cost, strong on crime, and loves our military.”

Responding to the endorsement, Diehl wrote on his website, “Like President Trump, I want to ensure a strong economy fed by the success of small businesses.” He continued, “I want families to feel safe in their communities, knowing that law enforcement is being supported with the tools and training they need. And, like the President, I want people to feel like government isn’t working against them and that they can enjoy the individual freedoms our state and country were founded upon.”

Although Diehl’s Republican challenger, Baker, has managed to win elections as a Republican in a solidly blue state, he is currently contesting with the Massachusetts State Police Union in a lawsuit over his vaccine mandate requiring state workers to be vaccinated by Oct. 17. Coupled with Trump’s criticism of Baker’s treatment of law enforcement, this could become a deciding factor for voters.

In his closing remarks, Trump said, “Geoff Diehl will be an outstanding governor for the state of Massachusetts, and it is my honor to give him my complete and total endorsement.”

So far, Diehl, a former Massachusetts state representative, is the only primary challenger for the 2022 Gubernatorial election.

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