Mike Lindell seeks $1.6 billion in Dominion lawsuit

by Ashley Muñoz

MyPillow CEO and Trump confidante Mike Lindell names a price for his lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems as he gears up to bring his case which seeks damages for fraud he alleges in the 2020 election to the Supreme Court.

The “My Pillow Guy” stated in an interview with The Gateway Pundit, that average, everyday people, are reportedly being threatened and intimidated by Dominion as the voting system corporation is serving them legal documents for speaking out against the company.

“They’ve even put regular people under duress with the fear of internet censorship, government watchlists, and an army of fake news propagandists to bully, scare, and silence us,” said Lindell.

“Dominion doesn’t even want us talking about it,” he added referring to the 2020 election.

When asked about who is being targeted by the company, Lindell replied “great patriots and anyone that was a poll watcher.”

“All these great patriots and anyone that was a poll watcher, that was part of it got a threatening letter. There were hundreds of them from Dominion to stop them from speaking out. They say you need to stop right now and that’s what this class action suit is,” Lindell explained.

“And then right after that, they serve us all these letters, and then they started putting out billion-dollar lawsuits against people, that you’ve never heard of anything like in history. It’s like, we’re suing you for 1.3 billion, and you for 1.3 billion and, and then as using lawfare,” said Lindell. “So these people lived in fear now for about 7, 8, 9 months, some of them, and they’ve had it. They’ve all came together and there’s even more and more jumping on board this class action lawsuit.”

Along with the billion-dollar lawsuit Lindell has filed against Dominion, he is also insisting that the U.S. Supreme Court hear his case on election fraud surrounding the November election. In a recent video posted to his “Fix 2020 First” website, he asks Americans from all political parties to sign a petition to “encourage the Supreme Court to accept the bill of complaint brought by patriotic states to save our country.”

Urging all Americans to sign the petition, Lindell said, “Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter, as we have to fix 2020 first and get rid of the machines, or we lose our country and our freedoms forever.”

“I am asking you to please sign this petition to encourage the Supreme Court to accept the bill of complaints brought by patriotic states to save our country. Thank you and God bless,” Lindell concluded.

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