Trump endorses primary challenger to ‘disloyal’ Nancy Mace

by Laura Ramirez

President Donald Trump endorsed Katie Arrington to oust “disloyal” incumbent Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., in South Carolina’s first Congressional District.

“Katie Arrington is running against an absolutely terrible candidate, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, whose remarks and attitude have been devastating for her community, and not at all representative of the Republican Party to which she has been very disloyal,” Trump said Wednesday announcing his endorsement.

Unlike Mace, Arrington is “liked and respected and a true Republican.”

Arrington responded to the endorsement, saying she was “so humbled and honored” and “in awe of the president” for selecting her as an American First conservative.

Trump swiftly endorsed Arrington after she officially announced her challenge to Mace Tuesday.

Arrington grilled Mace in her campaign video, calling the Republican incumbent a sell-out.

“Let’s be honest: Nancy Mace is a sellout,” Arrington said. “She sold out the Lowcountry. She sold out President Trump. She is more interested in becoming a mainstream media celebrity than fighting for the people she’s supposed to represent.”

Arrington vowed to be a “pro-Trump conservative” in Congress who will stand up to Biden and the radical left while working to pass life-affirming legislation, build the wall, and stabilize the economy.

Praising Arrington, Trump said she is “strong on the Military, our great Vets, Law Enforcement, the Border, and will fight very hard for our under-siege Second Amendment and Lower Taxes.”

“Katie is a wonderful woman and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he added.

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