Trump eviscerates NY attorney general overseeing his Thursday deposition

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump blasted New York State Attorney General Letitia James in a series of Truth Social statements this week as he headed back to the Big Apple to sit for a deposition in a civil suit that was brought against him and his family in 2022.

“I will be heading downtown to meet with a Racist who leaked that I would be there at 9:30 A.M.,” Trump wrote on Thursday morning. “The leak makes it much more difficult for the Police and Secret Service to do their job. This civil case is ridiculous, just like all of the other Election Interference cases being brought against me. If I had a fair judge, this case would have never happened. MAGA!”

Last year, James brought a civil suit against the president and three of his adult children, alleging “fraudulent” activities and seeking at least $250 million, as reported by RSBN.

Trump’s deposition in this suit comes just one week after he was arraigned in New York on 34 felony charges related to “falsifying” business records.

“I built a GREAT & prosperous company, employed thousands of people, built magnificent structures all over the World, but particularly in New York, & now have to prove it to this LOWLIFE who campaigned on a ‘I will get Trump’ platform, even before knowing anything about me!” Trump continued, slamming the attorney general.

James has publicly and repeatedly indicated her intense distaste for the 45th president, prompting Trump to sue her in November 2022 for waging a “war of intimidation and harassment on President Trump, his family, his business interests, and his associates.”

The president noted that the “good thing” about the civil case in New York was that “I will finally be able to show what a great, profitable, and valuable company I built, actually, some of the greatest real estate assets anywhere in the world.”

In a video compilation shared on Trump’s Truth Social account, James is heard promising to sue Trump and “be a real pain in the a**.” She is also on tape stating that “we need to focus on Donald Trump” and “what is fueling my soul right now is Trump.”

“The A.G. case should be tried in front of the Commercial Division, not in front of a highly partisan, Trump Hating Judge who was sought out, or ‘shopped,’ by Peekaboo James,” Trump added. “VERY UNFAIR. NEW YORK STATE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS INJUSTICE!”

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