Trump FLAMES Biden for border ‘conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump struck hard at Joe Biden on Saturday afternoon at a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he slammed the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

“He’s taking this country DOWN,” Trump told the packed crowd.

The 45th president vowed to stop Biden from turning American schools into “migrant camps” and promised that he would “not let him turn the United States of America into a crime filled, disease-ridden dumping field.”

Trump continued, “Biden’s conduct on the border is, by any definition, a conspiracy to OVERTHROW the United States of America.”

He called Biden a “danger to democracy” and said that he was surrounded by “fascists.”

Trump also offered hope, despite the laundry list of violence and crimes that have experienced an uptick amid the open border crisis. He added, “Crooked Joe will not succeed with these plans and he will not get away with these crimes. He will be tried at the ballot box this November and he will be judged and convicted by the American people.”

The president also spoke about the tragic death of 22-year-old Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered in Georgia by a man who was reportedly here illegally from Venezuela.

“We mourn her terrible loss and we send our love to Laken’s family,” Trump said solemnly.

He pointed out that the question was whether the “foreign armies Joe Biden has smuggled across our borders” would be allowed to “stay” or if they would be kicked out. Trump, of course, has vowed to implement a nationwide deportation operation upon taking office prospectively in 2025. “We have no choice,” he told the crowd.

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