Trump foreshadows ‘BIG’ win on horizon for next week’s likely MAGA Super Tuesday sweep

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump rallied electrified supporters on Saturday afternoon in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he foreshadowed a “BIG” win that is likely to come in a clean sweep of Super Tuesday’s anticipated primary elections next week.

At a “Get Out the Vote Rally,” Trump declared, “With YOUR HELP we will win big on Super Tuesday and this November!”

He called on North Carolina patriots to “vote in record numbers” in the primary election next week. “We have to get the worst president in the history of our country the HELL out of office,” he continued, deriding Joe Biden’s leadership.

He said that North Carolina would soon say, “Joe, you’re FIRED! Get OUT of here!”

The crowd roared with applause, as some attendees held signs that read “Trump 2024” and “TOO BIG TO RIG.”

The president also pointed out that as he was heading to the stage in Greensboro, he had just found that he was winning “100 percent of both” primary contests in Missouri and Michigan on Saturday.

“I think we can do better than that,” he joked.

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