Trump FLAMES Biden for ‘ECONOMIC TREASON,’ vows that a vote for Trump is a vote for ‘MADE IN AMERICA’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a sledgehammer to Joe Biden’s crumbling economic policies that have enriched foreign countries but left American industry in the dust, accusing Biden of “economic treason.”

The president delivered an energetic speech at Drake Enterprises on Wednesday night in Clinton Township, Michigan, where he spoke to striking United Auto Workers (UAW) who are concerned that leftist policies will steal their jobs and livelihoods.

“A vote for President Trump means the future of the automobile will be MADE IN AMERICA where it should be,” he pledged, drawing applause and chants of “USA!”

“It will be fueled by American energy, it will be sourced by American suppliers, it will be sculpted from American iron, aluminum, and steel, and it will be built by highly skilled American hands and high-wage American labor – that’s what’s going to happen,” he continued.

On the issue of Biden’s push toward electric vehicles, which Trump has long argued would be the death of the American auto industry, the 45th president remarked, “You can be loyal to American labor, or you can be loyal to environmentalism, but you can’t really be loyal to BOTH.”

The president also noted that Biden’s policies “send Michigan auto workers to the unemployment line.”

On Wednesday evening, President additionally told workers in the room that they were “truly great Americans who DO NOT GET the credit they DESERVE.”  

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