Trump gains popularity among Hispanic voters, survey shows

by Vianca Rodriguez

A Hispanic Voter Survey Analysis conducted by McLaughlin & Associates showed that more Hispanics have warmed up to President Donald Trump amid Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency.

A majority of Hispanics, 52 percent of 1,000 surveyed for the poll, agreed that Biden has been “disappointing,” “weak,” and “doesn’t seem to be able to lead.” Another 54 percent agreed “Democrats have come up with some radical and crazy ideas lately” and that they are coming to trust them “less and less.”

Many Hispanics also appear to fear that the Democrat Party is moving too far left and becoming too sympathetic toward the same socialist policies that drove many of them to leave their home countries in Latin America.

In addition, the study concluded that 51 percent of Hispanics blame Biden for the sudden inflation affecting millions of Americans. They agree inflation is a key issue, with 94 percent of them saying inflation is “a serious problem” that is driving them to cut back on spending confidence, which affects the economy overall.

On the other hand, compared with the 2016 general elections, it appears President Trump continues to make gains with Hispanic voters. The poll showed 38 percent of support for Trump. For comparative purposes, Trump gained only 26 percent of Hispanic voters in 2016, while in 2020 gained an uptick of 34 percent of Hispanics.

The surveyed estimate represents a 12-point increase in a little under four years, which is an important statistic representative of the fact that Latinos are moving away from the Democrat Party in strides.

It appears that Latinos are also beginning to realize they hold more conservative and Republican values than they do progressive ones. Contrary to Democrat belief, a majority of Hispanics actually support a southern border wall between U.S. and Mexico. Of those surveyed, 51 percent support the border wall.

Additional findings concluded that 57 percent oppose teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools, 58 percent oppose allowing transgender boys into girls’ sports, and 59 percent oppose defunding the police and diverting funds to “social workers and psychologists.”

These numbers prove that at least one-quarter of Hispanics consider themselves Republican, and at least one-third of them are actually voting Republican.

Given the trends aforementioned, it seems that Latinos will become more intrigued by Republican policies as they continue noticing the extremism and failures of the Biden administration’s policies. The shift in minority support trending from Democrats to Republicans is practically undeniable at this point. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Latino vote can no longer considered homogeneous for the Democrat Party.

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